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Jonathan Holloway is represented as a writer and director by Rachel Daniels at Berlin Associates, London, England.
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In 2021 Jonathan Holloway returns to Hong Kong's Chung Ying Theatre Company to again direct his much admired version of Tale of Two Cities : Blood For Blood. (please go to 2016 to see details of the production). Previously performed in English with a British cast in HK's Amphitheatre and Pleasance Beyond at the Edinburgh Festival, this revival is in Cantonese (translator, Dominic Cheung) and will open in April at the HK Cultural Centre...

...then in May transfers to Zaha Hadid's new Guangzhou Opera House in China.


Jonathan was commissioned by Creation Theatre Company to create a contemporary re-imagining of H G Well's THE TIME MACHINE written to be a site specific performance at the London Library and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

"Jonathan Holloway's story deconstructs the original novel to creative effect and uses a sparse cast and modern technology to explore moral puzzles… issues are also raised around the blurry lines between science and money and between science and the law… we are now in an alternative timeline where Oliver Hardy gave up the comedy shtick to become a noted physicist and Jean-Paul Gaultier is a computer engineer living in Birmingham"
* * * *
"a proper immersive experience" - * * * *
"this production is astoundingly and unnervingly prophetic… a thought-provoking and bang-up-to-date production that is so zeitgeisty it feels like the zeitgeist itself"
* * * *
"packed full of ideas… an enjoyable and thought-provoking new take on a classic story with the added bonus of a unique historic space" - * * *
"bonkers, brilliant and just a bit too close to the bone! An interactive adventure through an amazing building" - TheFamilyStage
"Jonathan Holloway has adapted the father of science fiction's best-seller into such a relevant immersive piece, it was as though it was written yesterday, or rather, tomorrow…. this production is astoundingly and unnervingly prophetic" -
* * * *
"always hugely literate and has a questing intelligence" - Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor
"brilliant" - * * *
"an event that offers a unique adventure" - * * * *

"We are whisked to alternate timelines where Wells wrote The Origin of the Species and Darwin wrote The Time Machine, where silent film comedy actor Oliver Hardy is a physicist and where Jean-Paul Gaultier is creating electronic music in Birmingham…. Thrilling" - * * * *
"it's an eye opening bit of writing, that draws you in by showing you an idea of what the world would look like in the near future if something isn't done" - * * * *

The BBC has this year mounted an impressive season of work celebrating the life and career of George Orwell. Jonathan's work played a considerable role in this. It included his Prix Italia winning adaptation of NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR, his two biographical audio dramas about the writer's life, LOVING and JURA, and his fascinating BLOG on adapting Orwell's work


Strangers and Brothers

In early November 2019 BBC Radio Drama began a re-broadcast of Jonathan's ground-breaking ten hour audio adaptation of C P Snow's eleven novel series in which he dramatised the reality of England's journey through the twentieth century as seen through the eyes of a man who turned himself from a night school autodidact into an establishment figure who witnessed great, world shattering events at first hand.

Don Quixote

Following on from the success of 1984 and BRAVE NEW WORLD, Oxford's Creation Theatre Company commissioned Jonathan to write and direct a new contemporary adaptation of DON QUIXOTE for the environs of Oxford's Covered Market. The show ran for five weeks August - September and scored numerous 4 and 5 star reviews inc: “All of us in the audience left with a wry smile, thanks to a play which was thought-provoking, tear-jerking and rib-tickling.” - Helen Smith, DailyInfoA wonderful job bringing to life the indignity of aging, the inevitability of death and the longing for things past in a way that is at once heart breaking, uncomfortable and hilarious.” - Catherine Flutsch, “A study of growing old, and how each of us can decide our own purpose in life once society thinks we have nothing left to offer" - Stan Skarzynski, Oxford Mail “Two disheartened old men who decide to go on a road trip and remind Britain about etiquette and good manners. They drive a wreck of a car, have little money and even less of a plan, but dress for dinner and espouse James Bond wherever possible.” - Ox In A Box “Lively, foolish and undeniably fun: it’s as if two rather mad elderly chaps have been returned to childhood and we watch them play, full of honesty and bizarre crazy ideas, bringing forth a myriad of laugh-aloud moments.” - OX Magazine “Hilarious. Can’t rave about it enough. Just go!” - Oxfordshire Art Week


In moment of extraordinary serendipity January saw four of Jonathan's BBC Radio Drama projects simultaneously available on the BBC iPlayer. His most recent play Hello Caller ("an incredibly moving surreal drama based on the idea that tearing up telephone boxes releases decades of private conversations"); Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Parts One and Two (based on the book that became the movie Blade Runner); THE DOUBLE (Dostoyevsky's fable of a man haunted by his own doppelganger, here updated to modern Kremlin cyber attacks); NO CONFERRING (a University Challenge game show ghost story featuring quiz masters Bamber Gascoigne and Jeremy Paxman).


Jonathan joined forces with distinguished Roots Music/Alt Country singer songwriter Liam Grundy and former Nottingham Playhouse Artistic Director/National Theatre Literary Manager Giles Croft to make an entirely original theatre comedy with lashings of live music. Jonathan and Liam performed in Edinburgh for the whole of the August Festival.

Following the success of 2017's landmark site-specific production of
NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR, Jonathan again worked with Creation Theatre Company developing his BBC version of Aldous Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD into a live site specific event for July 2018 featuring wireless headphone technology, binaural sound and large display screens within the staggering scale and modernity of the new Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford. See the Trailer here:

"Thought provoking, entertaining… great characterisation. Excellent" - Morning Star.

"Having previously delivered their extraordinarily powerful 1984, performed in the vault-like basement of the Mathematical Institute, Oxford's Creation Theatre have realised Huxley's best-known work in the postmodern world of a shiny new shrine to conspicuous consumption: the Westgate Centre. We sit - listening to the action on headphones - while the cast run up and down escalators, push themselves against the windows of Joules, White Stuff and Russell & Bromley, move among out seats, and weave among oblivious shoppers who drift by glued to their phones, an unwitting cast of extras. A large screen featuring close-ups of the cast and screening action taking place on the upper level of the centre, adds to the futuristic feel. What elevates this production to the status of theatrical masterpiece, though, is the strength of the acting, eye-popping costume design and its stark postmodern setting. Creation's achievement is as mindblowing as the 'Soma' trips with which the characters self-medicate. This incredible, beautifully realised show will remain with you long after you leave that temple of consumerism." - Oxford Times, 5 Stars *****


Jonathan's work for BBC Radio Drama continued with two notable projects in 2017. His ambitious 90' play for BBC Radio 3, ALL THE VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD, used the religious pattern of 'three' as a framing device for a narrative stretched across the 11th Century People's Crusade, Nazism in Hitler's Germany and 21st Century radicalisation. By contrast, he also penned and directed a brand new and very surprising version of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL for Johnny Vegas' production company, Woolyback. Broadcast by BBC Radio 4, this boasted a brilliant cast including notable British actors James Purefoy, Sienna Guillory and Enzo Cilenti


In early 2017 jonathan made a site specific production of his Prix Italia winning BBC adaptation of George Orwell's famous dystopian novel. Creation Theatre Company asked him to site the show in the remarkable futuristic space of The Mathematical Institute, Oxford. The show ran for 4 weeks and played to a full house of over 160 spectators every night. Jonathan's production brought the story up to dates with its use of computer monitors, live cameras and a seamless live-mixed sound score, all of which emphasised its relevance to a modern 'post-truth' world that sanctions limitless data gathering and torture. See the Trailer here:

"This is a bleak, dark and disquieting production, but an important one with deep truths about our world, and where we are heading" 5 stars The Oxford Times
"Orwell published 1984 in 1949 but Jonathan Holloway's reboot feels frighteningly contemporary, and not just in the clothing, technology and dialogue."
5 stars The Oxford Mail


European Performances in English in association with
Red Shift Theatre Productions and Seabright Productions
In 2016 Jonathan created this new work for Hong Kong's renowned contemporary producer, Chung Ying Theatre Company. The show played first at the amphittheatre in HK then transferred for 3 ½ weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, playing in one of the Festival's premiere spaces, Pleasance Beyond. The show delivered watertight narrative within the esoteric frame of 100 empty identical upright chairs and featured dialogue and choral song split between amplified and acoustic voices. Jonathan wrote, directed, lit and appeared in the show.

Here are some samples of reaction generated in the media.

Tale of Two Cities Blood For Blood. Hong Kong and Edinburgh Festival 2016. See the promo video at

Edinburgh Fringe Review. #1. ***** "Acts of passion and energy are diluted into beautiful, delicate moments,.. This heartfelt play is about love, loss and everything in between. I highly recommend this" ***** "ordered rows of chairs line the stage, with microphones and lights at their sides... an expert control of atmosphere; the play's focus is dramatic, not historical… far outstripped my expectations"
Edinburgh Fringe Review. #2. ***** " incredible piece of theatre that is both flawlessly acted and beautifully staged. It left me with teary eyes… it is truly wonderful."
Litro Arts Magazine. " It's a masterclass in literary adaptation, and a more powerful and emotional experience than I've ever had reading a Dicken's novel."
The Scotsman **** "Jonathan Holloway's version, for theatre company Red Shift, pares it down to 90 minutes of short, punchy scenes delivered by an ensemble of seven, while keeping its themes and essence intact… energy and commitment… driven by a terrible personal revenge… ruthless, grief-stricken... a slick production strongly performed."
The List (Scotland's Weekly Arts Magazine) **** " works on a scale rarely glimpsed at the Fringe. Rows of chairs - symbolising the dead of the revolution- surround the cast, with Holloway himself playing a senile 'hero of the revolution' at the centre."
TVBOMB Scotland's Arts and Cultue. **** "bold direction and superb acting... Holloway's production is not to be missed." **** "the way it is done with its noir look and its cloak and dagger feel, it comes across as more of a le Carré than a Dickens."
Edinburgh Festivals Magazine **** "go and see Jonathan Holloway's refreshing production of a Tale of Two Cities… Rows of chairs create the streets, passages, and rooms that the scenes take place in. A pair of shoes under each chair is a poignant reminder of lives lost… A beautiful, emotional and thoughtful production"
The Reviews Hub **** "striking images, sounds and atmosphere… the story's core themes of revenge, passion and sacrifice shine through thrillingly… Voices echo from the back of the stage, haunting music punctuates the action and subtly changing lighting takes us to dark places… a vivid and stirring reimagining " HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW "fascinating, surreal, looks stunning and cleverly weaves Dickens' characters through modern times… split second timing, listening and collaboration… beautifully designed… a substantial piece of theatre, detailed and as mysterious as the original… sincerely performed in an innovative theatrical style by a dynamic ensemble with an emotional range… could fit in to international theatre festivals or stand on its own produced in a discerning theatre anywhere. It's that good!"


Jonathan again worked with Chung Ying Theatre Company in Hong Kong and

London, writing, directing and lighting his own radical adaptation of
influenced by Cantonese Opera .

"an atmospheric wonder. This is a great show. " - HK Magazine
"Holloway cuts open the skin of a controlling and repressive society to reveal the wounds festering inside. The spectre of a semi-naked, hysterical and murderous Hyde, oozing blood from her bandaged breasts in the final scene makes for a compelling metaphor of Victorian society, stripped of its aura of refinement and respectability." - The China Daily, Asia
"Jekyll & Hyde is a complex, multilayered and gripping drama... intense but accessible, with strong performances... Olivia Winteringham excellent in her dual title roles, seductive one minute and ruthlessly cruel the next." - South China Morning Post

Red Shift
£2,500,000.00+ awarded in public subsidy
50+ productions
300+ venues visited in the UK, Ireland, S America, N Africa & Far East
600 working contracts to actors and other artists employed
100+ companies (2,900 performances) hosted in our Edinburgh Festival venue

Jonathan Holloway
80+ productions directed
70 plays and series/serials written (broadcast or performed)
65 productions lit

"Jonathan Holloway: solid art extract" - The Sunday Times Magazine on Death in Venice

"Holloway has developed a very idiosyncratic theatrical language which is very effective... gritty, violent and bleak, and set in a world that most of us will (thankfully) never know"

- The British Theatre Guide on Get Carter

Bartleby : The Love Child : Nicholas Nickleby

Summary: Jonathan is best known as founder and Artistic Director of Red Shift Theatre Company which toured throughout the UK and beyond from 1982 - 2011, and was subsidised by Arts Council England from 1986. His work as a director, writer and teacher has been seen and heard all over the world. He has directed events ranging from crowd-embedded performance to pocket musicals to landmark reinventions of the classics; run companies and venues; written over 70 professionally produced plays; collaborated with some of the most important writers, designers and composers in British theatre. His writing is frequently revived by other directors in the UK and elsewhere, and has been translated into Norwegian, Spanish and Cantonese.  Jonathan has contributed a huge body of work to BBC Radio 3 & 4, the world's most prolific broadcasting outlet for quality drama. His work as a writer and director has won numerous awards including a First Prize at the 2013 Prix Italia, three consecutive Scotsman Fringe First Awards, the Shakespeare Prize and Best Actor Award at Chile's World Festival of Theatre, The Stage's Edinburgh Festival Best Actor Award and a Best Actor nomination for Jo Millson at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2014, nomination in the final six for Best Adaptation at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2015.

Get Carter : Much Ado About Nothing : Vertigo : Gaslight

2015: Writing for the BBC included THE LURE & SIN two original semi-biographical dramas for the Arthur Miller centenary co-produced with LA Theatre Works (starring Ed Harris), and THE CARTER MYSTERIES which explored the occult adventures of a S London family removals business. His award-winning version of NINETEEN-EIGHTY FOUR was given a new production by Norway's national network, NRK. Planta Genista productions in Los Anglees revived his stage play based on Victor Hugo's LES MISERABLES. Directing included his own controversial version of JEKYLL & HYDE (Review) for Hong Kong's Chung Ying Theatre Company. Jonathan continued his collaboration with Royal Holloway University of London, with whom he is archiving Red Shift Theatre Company's thirty years at the leading edge of UK theatre making.

2014: Writing for BBC Radio Drama included Samuel Johnson's RASSELAS (for independent production company, Essential) and Philip K Dick's DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP (New Statesman Review) (the book which became the movie BLADE RUNNER) sporting a remarkable cast led by James Purefoy (THE FOLLOWING, ROME, DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF TIME, FLARE PATH) and Jessica Raine (PUNK ROCK, GARROW'S LAW, ROBIN HOOD). Following the 2012 Chicago revival of Jonathan's FALL OF MAN (Chicago Review) (first seen as a full-house Red Shift production at the Edinburgh fringe in 2009), Kirsten Hemingway gave the show a new production for the RADA Festival. In January BBC Radio 4 Extra re-broadcast Jonathan's adaptation of Vita Sackville-West's ALL PASSIONS SPENT. Directing included MACBETH (Review) for Creation Theatre Company as a site-specific production in and around Oxford's Lady Margaret Hall, seen by 5,500 people. In January he directed his own stage version of LES MISERABLES (pub Samuel French) with graduating students of Guildford School of Acting.

2013: In September Jonathan won a First prize at the 2013 Prix Italia for his BBC adaptation of Orwell's NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR. Jonathan's new take on JEKYLL & HYDE previewed in St Albans before being performed at Assembly's Roxy at the Edinburgh Fringe where it won a tranche of four and five star reviews (**** ‘Creepily melodramatic and beautifully realised’ – The Times; ***** ‘Bound to win awards… It comes highly recommended’ – British Theatre Guide) before transferring to London's Southwark Playhouse. In October Jonathan joined new independent producer Contextual Theatre to direct Yazmina Raza's GOD OF CARNAGE. Earlier in 2013 Jonathan co-authored 'The Real George Orwell' season for the BBC inc the first radio adaptation of NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR ("Holloway's script is not a typical adaptation. This is a menacing, violent satire that encapsulates the horror of Orwell's writing like no other reworking I have encountered" - The Independent, "gripping... fully captures Orwell's vision" - Sunday Times), and two original plays THE REAL GEORGE ORWELL - LOVING and THE REAL GEORGE ORWELL - JURA. His personal blog can be found on the BBC website. He adapted the innovative verse novel THE EMPEROR'S BABE by Bernardine Evaristo for BBC Bristol. BBC Radio 4 Extra re-broadcast Jonathan's 10 hour serialisation of CP Snow's eleven novels collectively known as STRANGERS AND BROTHERS [see BBC iPlayer]. In May Hong Kong's Chung Ying Theatre Company again revived Jonathan's dramatic stage adaptation of LES MISERABLES. Jonathan directed his own three hand version of WOYZECK with students from Peter Hall's Kingston University Classical Theatre MA at The Rose Theatre.

Writing (examples of past work):: In 2011 Jonathan conceived, wrote and directed Red Shift's innovative crowd-embedded INVISIBLE SHOW II using wireless audio technology for the Latitude and Edinburgh Festivals in co-production with Pleasance Theatre ("Five stars are not enough for this polished, multifaceted, flawless, 24-carat rose diamond of a show" - His OLD SPIES (BBC Radio 4) imagined former GCHQ employees on the threshold of dementia. WUTHERING HEIGHTS (review) was adapted for BBC Radio 3. GET CARTER (review) was revived by SP Productions for London's Courtyard Theatre and the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals. Originally created for Connaught Productions, Jonathan's version of the Camoletti (of Boeing Boeing fame) farce CHANGING ROOMS ("the English version by Jonathan Holloway is cannily written and full of snappy one-liners" - Western Mail review) was revived for commercial touring by Ian Dickens Productions. Brighton based Revera Productions premiered JEKYLL & HYDE ("Opium dens, cholera epidemics and murder… an abyss of unimaginable terror" - at Hoxton's Courtyard Theatre, London, before it went on to successes in Edinburgh and at Southwark Playhouse. Jonathan's original site-sensitive THE FALL OF MAN (review) premiered in Edinburgh in 2009 and was later was revived by The Right Brain Project in Chicago. Jonathan directed his stage version of Malory's MORTE D'ARTHUR entitled THE QUEST at the Rose Theatre Studio, and his version of NICHOLAS NICKLEBY at the Ivy Arts Centre for GSA/Surrey University prior to publication by Samuel French. Scripts for Red Shift include THE DOUBLE, IN THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST (Edinburgh Fringe First, 1987), THE HAMMER (also recorded for BBC Radio 3), DEATH IN VENICE, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (also produced in Chile), LES MISERABLES (review) (pub. Samuel French), THE ASPERN PAPERS (review), NOSFERATU THE VISITOR, NICHOLAS NICKLEBY (review), THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY, the first stage versions of MORT D'ARTHUR, THE THIRD MAN, GET CARTER (review) (review) (review) (recently revived London, Sydney, Edinburgh) and VERTIGO (review) (review) - subsequently revived by Nottingham Playhouse and Oxfordshire Theatre Company. Jonathan's freelance theatre writing includes DARKNESS FALLS (review) (pub. Samuel French, listed by The Independent as 'one of the five best plays in London'.) for the Palace Theatre Watford, BECAUSE IT'S THERE (2000), ANGELS AMONG THE TREES (review) (2004) and A SENSIBLE WORLD (2005), all for Nottingham Playhouse. His writing for BBC Radio Drama includes fifteen episodes of the original daily serial POSTCARDS, a five episode series celebrating the cult TV show THE MAN FROM UNCLE, original ghosts stories and hard-boiled American-set thrillers, adaptations include stories by George Eliot, Willa Cather, Walter de la Mare, Heinrich Boll, Leo Tolstoy, Vita Sackville-West and Charlotte Bronte. The unusual range of his work in broadcasting embraces dramatisations of the entirety of C P Snow's eleven novel cycle STRANGERS AND BROTHERS, Christiaan Barnard's first successful human heart transplant, Evelyn Waugh's THE LOVED ONE, Andrew Motion's THE INVENTION OF DR CAKE, Olivia Manning's LEVANT TRILOGY and Goethe's FAUST.

Directing (examples of past work): Includes the NJ Crisp thriller DANGEROUS OBSESSION and the classic farce CHARLEY'S AUNT for Edward Max's Connaught Productions at Frinton Summer Festival Theatre. Directed his own play THE QUEST (the Rose Theatre Kingston with students from the resident MA Classical Theatre course) and his own adpatations of NICHOLAS NICKLEBY and LES MISERABLES at The Ivy Arts Centre Surrey University with graduating students of GSA. Jonathan has worked across an unusually broad range of theatre-making from the innovative end of UK practice to commercial main stage production. His dynamic theatre-making is best summed up in four of Red Shift's keynote productions; a MORT D'ARTHUR which employed the first thorough-going integration of Capoeira (accompanied by Afro Brazilian music) seen on the professional stage in this country; a new translation, commissioned from Neil Bartlett, of Moliere's LE MISANTHROPE which employed the archaic Alexandrine verse form in a sumptuous version that delighted audiences here and abroad; Greg Cullen's original commissioned drama FRIDA AND DIEGO which drew on imagery from Kahlo's pictures to explore her tempestuous life; a modern brutalist rendition of the First Quarto Hamlet entitled HAMLET:FIRST CUT (review), played in Wayne Hemingway's Red or Dead clothes against a thunderous contemporary rock score. Jonathan founded Red Shift in 1982. Under his leadership it grew from a shoestring operation to become an Arts Council RFO and a linchpin of UK national touring provision. He has directed all but one of the company's nearly sixty shows. Freelance directing has included THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD in Ireland, LE MISANTHROPE in Boston USA and writing/co-directing GIFFORD'S CIRCUS. His work has toured to hundreds of theatres in the British Isles and traveled to North America, South America, the Near and Far East.

Other: Taught, directed and co-authored BA and MA courses for validation at Guildford School of Acting. Recently re-elected to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Participant Council. Was for two years Associate Artist at Kingston University and Artist in Residence at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Has travelled to Chile to lead EU sponsored workshops, was an elected member of the Board of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Advisory Panel of the National Campaign for the Arts, and in 2005 he was made an Honorary Fellow of St Mary's University, London. Jonathan is regularly invited to talk about his work at conferences, universities and colleges, and has also travelled to America, S America and the Far East to do so. Broadcasting includes guest appearances on BBC Radio 4's A Good Read and sharing the bill with artist Grayson Perry on a feature about the Arthur Mee Children's Encyclopaedia.

Full CV for Jonathan Holloway

Writing (Commissioned, Produced And Published Original Plays and Adaptations)

DON QUIXOTE Creation Theatre Company 2019
HELLO CALLER BBC Radio 4 Drama 2019
BRAVE NEW WORLD Creation Theatre site-spec + headphones 2018
NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR Creation Theatre 2017
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL Woolyback for the BBC, 2017
A TALE OF TWO CITIES : BLOOD FOR BLOOD Chung Ying Theatre Company HK & Edinburgh 2016
SIN BBC R4, 2015
JEKYLL & HYDE Chung Ying Theatre Company Hong Kong, 2015
RASSELAS Essential Productions for BBC Radio 4, 2014
NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR NRK (Norway's National Broadcaster), 2014
JEKYLL & HYDE Assembly Edinburgh/ Southwark Playhouse, 2013
LES MISERABLES Chung Ying Theatre Co, Hong Kong, 2013
NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR BBC R4, 2013 (1st Prize, Prix Italia)
NICHOLAS NICKLEBY GSA/Surrey University 2012
THE RAILWAY SIDING Questors Theatre Ealing 2012
FORTUNES OF WAR BBC Radio 4 Extra 2012
THE QUEST Rose Theatre Kingston (Kingston University) 2012
THE INVISIBLE SHOW II Latitude Festival/Edinburgh Fringe 2011
THE SHROUDING OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Connaught Productions/Frinton Summer Theatre 2011
THE OLD SPIES BBC Radio 4 2011
GET CARTER Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes and Courtyard London 2011
CHANGING ROOMS Frinton Summer Theatre, 2010
THE INVISIBLE SHOW Red Shift, Latitude Festival & Westival, 2010
THE FALL OF MAN Red Shift Theatre Co Edinburgh & London 2009
REP BBC Radio 4 2009
THE QUEST BBC Radio 4 serial 2009
ALL PASSION SPENT BBC Radio 4 serial 2009
VERTIGO (revised) Nottingham Playhouse 2008
CARAVAN (script and artistic associate) Giffords Circus 2008
FAUST (dark farce reworking) BBC Radio 4 serial 2008
VERTIGO Red Shift Theatre Co 2006
GET CARTER Red Shift Theatre Co 2005
THE THIRD MAN Red Shift Theatre Co 2004
OLD WORLD BBC Radio4 2004
MORT D'ARTHUR Red Shift Theatre Co 2003
ANGELS AMONG THE TREES Nottingham Playhouse 2002
STRANGERS AND BROTHERS BBC Radio 4 (10 x 1hr eps) 2002/2003
NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Red Shift Theatre Co 2001
THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY Red Shift Theatre Co 2001
BECAUSE IT'S THERE Nottingham Playhouse 2000
NAPLES 44 BBC Radio 4 2000
NOSFERATU THE VISITOR Red Shift Theatre Co 2000
THE SURPRISE SUMMER BBC Radio4 serial 1999
NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON'T BBC Radio4 serial 1999
KISS AND KIN BBC Radio4 1999
THE MONKEY'S PAW/ THE DARK Palace Theatre Watford 1999 (pub S French)
THE FALL BBC Radio4 serial 1998
SPRING TIDE BBC Radio4 serial 1998
THE ASPERN PAPERS Red Shift Theatre Co 1998
LES MISERABLES Red Shift Theatre Co 1997 (pub S French)
CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Red Shift Theatre Co 1994
DEATH IN VENICE Red Shift Theatre Co 1993
A CHRISTMAS CAROL Red Shift/Microsoft Corporation
THE HAMMER RS/BBC R3/Essential Music 1991/1993
THE MACBETH PROJECT Site specific Edinburgh, Sponsor Fisons, 1990
THE BOOK OF LAUGHTER AND FORGETTING Academy of Live and Recorded Arts
THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST (Ed Fest Fringe First Award) Red Shift Theatre Co 1987
THE DOUBLE Red Shift Theatre Co 1986
ECLIPSED Red Shadow Films (short feature) 1985
1984 (1st authorised stage version) Surrey University/SE Arts
THE FATED East End Theatre Group

Education: COURSE TUTOR MA THEATRE DIRECTING St Mary's University College 2009. LEADER OF MA/MFA THEATRE DIRECTION PROGRAMME and LEADER WAYS OF DIRECTING BA UNIT Royal Holloway College, University of London 2008-2009. VISITING LECTURER BA UNITS WRITING FOR PERFORMANCE and THEATRE DIRECTION Middlesex University 2007, HEAD OF PERFORMING ARTS Middlesex University 2007 - 2008. VISITING LECTURER UNIVERISITIES AND COLLEGES OF ART 1990 onwards inc - Wimbledon, Central, Bristol, Kent, Westminster. HEAD OF SECTION, PERFORMING ARTS Brooklands County College, Weybridge, Surrey 1979 - 1989.

Nicholas Nickleby:
"Jonathan Holloway's brilliant production makes such sense… this brilliant tribute to a great novelist who was also a mighty campaigner for social compassion." -
The Scotsman

"taut and wonderfully atmospheric" -
The Guardian. Critic's Choice - The Independent. Critic's Choice - Time Out. "Visual genius and superb staging... a classic triumph, a superbly adapted masterpiece and a must-see theatre production" - BBC Radio 4













Direction (Theatre, Broadcasting and Higher Education)

THE GOOD PERSON OF SETZUAN Rose Bruford Acting School 2019
DON QUIXOTE Creation Theatre Site Spec Show at Oxford's Covered Market 2019
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING E15 Acting School 2019
BRAVE NEW WORLD Creation Theatre site-spec + headphones 2018
NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR Creation Theatre site-spec 2017
A TALE OF TWO CITIES : BLOOD FOR BLOOD Chung Ying Theatre Company HK & Edinburgh, 2016
JEKYLL & HYDE Chung Ying Theatre Company Hong Kong and London 2015
MACBETH Creation Theatre Company, Oxford, 2014
LES MISEABLES GSA/Surrey University, 2014
THE GOD OF CARNAGE Contexture Productions, 2013
WOYZECK Rose Theatre Kingston (Kingston University, 2013)
NICHOLAS NICKLEBY GSA/Surrey University 2012
CHARLEY'S AUNT Connaught Productions/Frinton Summer Theatre 2012
THE QUEST Rose Theatre Kingston (Kingston University, 2012)
THE INVISIBLE SHOW II Red Shift, Latitude and Edinburgh Festivals, 2011
DANGEROUS OBSESSION Connaught Productions at Frinton Summer Theatre 2011
NOSFERATU THE VISITOR E15 Acting School, 2010
CHANGING ROOMS Frinton Summer Theatre 2010
THE INVISIBLE SHOW Red Shift at The Latitude Festival and Westival, 2010
THE FALL OF MAN Red Shift Theatre Company, London & Edinburgh 2009, revived 2010
LULU E15 Acting School, Essex University 2008
THE DECORATOR Frinton Summer Festival Theatre 2008
HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES Frinton Summer Festival Theatre 2008
CARAVAN Giffords Circus 2008 (Artistic Associate)
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2007 -2008
ANIMAL FARM Middlesex University 2008
GASLIGHT Frinton Summer Festival Theatre 2007
VERTIGO Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2006 - 2007
GET CARTER Red Shift touring and Ed Fest 2005-2006
THE THIRD MAN Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2004 - 2005
BARTLEBY (revival) Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2003
THE MORT D' ARTHUR Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2002
THE LOVE CHILD Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2002
NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2001 - 2002
NOSFERATU THE VISITOR Red Shift Theatre Co touring 2000
FIRST QUARTO HAMLET Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1999 - 2000
POOR MRS PEPYS Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1998
ASPERN PAPERS Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1998
LES MISERABLES Red Shift touring and Ed Fest 1997
NOISES OFF Brewhouse Theatre Productions 1996
BARTLEBY (festival prize) Red Shift touring and Ed Fest 1996
HANSEL AND GRETEL Lyric Theatre Hammersmith 1995
RED PRINCESS Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1995
GEORGE DANDIN Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1995
CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1994
LE MISANTHROPE New Rep Boston USA 1994
DEATH IN VENICE Red Shift touring and Ed Fest 1994
MACBETH (revival) Hong Kong Arts Centre 1993
MACBETH (revival) (festival prize) World Theatre Fest Santiago Chile 1993
THE HAMMER BBC Radio 3/Essential Music 1993
MACBETH Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1993
A CHRISTMAS CAROL The Microsoft Corporation 1992
ORLANDO Red Shift touring and Ed Fest 1992
THE WAY OF ALL FLESH (revival) Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1992
THE MACBETH PROJECT Red Shift site-specific Edinburgh 1991
THE HAMMER Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1991
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FANNY HILL Red Shift/Northern Stage touring 1991
THE WAY OF ALL FLESH Red Shift/Nottinghamshire Stages 1990
PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD Lyric Theatre Belfast 1990
LULU Red Shift/BAC Ed Fest and touring 1990
LOOT CSSD Embassy Theatre 1990
ROAD Red Shift YPT Ed Fest and RNT 1989
FRIDA AND DIEGO (Ed fringe first) RS/Warehouse Ed Fest and touring 1989
TIMON OF ATHENS (time out award) RS/Warehouse Ed Fest and touring 1988
LE MISANTHROPE (Ed fringe first) Red Shift/Warehouse Croydon
COWBOYS Red Shift Ed Fest and touring 1988
THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST (fringe first) RS/Warehouse Ed Fest and touring 1987
THE MILL ON THE FLOSS Red Shift Ed Fest and touring 1987
SPRING AWAKENING Red Shift YPT Ed Fest and London 1987
THE DOUBLE Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1986
ROMEO AND JULIET Red Shift Ed Fest & touring 1985 - 1986
ECLIPSED Red Shadow Films (cinemas & TV) 1985
SPRING AWAKENING Bridge Lane Theatre London 1986
BROKEN ENGLISH Red Shift Ed Fest and touring 1984
X EQUALS MURDER Red Shift Ed Fest and touring 1984
THE DUCHESS OF MALFI (II) Red Shift Ed Fest and touring 1984
THE DUCHESS OF MALFI Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1983
THE MASK Red Shift Theatre Co touring 1983
FEARS AND MISERIES... THIRD REICH Elephant Theatre London 1983
PLANET X East End TG/Old Red Lion 1982
THE FATED East End Theatre Group 1981
NO PASARAN (festival prize) National Students Drama Festival 1989
SECRET IDENTITIES East End TG Chats Palace 1980
FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY Free Form Arts Trust Ltd 1978
COCKS AND HENS Warehouse Theatre Croydon 1978
BAD DREAM IN AN OLD HOTEL Theatre Upstairs Royal Court 1977
THE GOOD PERSON OF SETZUAN Assist Dir Royal Court Theatre 1977

Other: Lighting Designer 1976-Present, clients inc Royal Court Theatre, Royal Court Young Peoples Theatre, Leeds Playhouse, National Student Drama Festival, Free Form Arts Trust, Chat's Palace, Cochrane Theatre, Bloomsbury Theatre, Red Shift Theatre Company, The Gate Theatre. Film and Video Maker working with disadvantaged young people in urban and secure settings.

Get Carter:
"Holloway keeps it moving at such a lick that the emotional outlines emerge stark and clear, and as graphic as a streak of blood on a breezeblock wall." -
The Scotsman

Guardian interview with James Purefoy, lead in the HBO series 'Rome': "He showed me a lot that I still carry with me today; he was my big inspiration" - The Guardian

The Loved One:
"Jonathan Holloway's adaptation glistened from the off and I was sorry when it ended"
- The Guardian. "Bliss…*****" - The Financial Times. "a splendid production… outstanding" - The Daily Telegraph