The Guardian, Critic's Choice
"Red Shift's excavation of the early 1970's and the famous Brit flick is stunningly effective and captures all the dark truths and disappointed dreams that lurk behind the deceptively cool surface. Very nasty and rather nice."

Edinburgh Evening News
"this is coarse, guttural theatre not for the faint of heart. What Get Carter lacks in sophistication it makes up for in grit. And who would argue with that."

The British Theatre Guide
"Holloway has developed a very idiosyncratic theatrical language which is very effective as the long applause at the end showed. It is gritty, violent and bleak, and set in a world that most of us will (thankfully) never know, and yet the presentation distances us just enough to reflect on what it has to say about people."

The Scotsman
"Holloway keeps it moving at such a lick that the emotional outlines emerge stark and clear, and as graphic as a streak of blood on a breezeblock wall."